Cunning and malevolent, the skaven seek to spread ruin and corruption wherever they go. This insidious race of vermin-men worships the foul god known as the Great Horned Rat, and their plots and schemes are truly diabolical in their complexity.


Kill-steal in Warcry yes-yes! Ahem. If you’re looking to start a Skaven warband for skirmish battles (or expand one!), this set is for you, giving you everything you need for a diverse warband of ratmen. It also contains a number of accessories to help you in your games. What’s more, you’ll save money compared to getting the models inside separately!


This set contains:

– 2x Rat Ogors – towering monstrosities capable of battering lesser foes

– 3x Packmasters – cunning overseers armed with cruel weapons

– 20x Clanrats – swarming infantry who can bring down any enemy through weight of numbers

– 6x Giant Rats – guaranteed to be better at battling than a normal sized rat

– 2x token boards designed to help you track wounds, on-going effects, statuses, and more

– Fighter and ability cards with the rules for your warband


Please note – you’ll need a copy of the Warcry Core Book to use this product.


This set is supplied in 137 components and comes with 30x 25mm round bases and 2x 50mm round bases.

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